8.5x11" acrylic on wood
(C) Cara Bevan and Gene Wolf 2011
anthro fantasy red fox acrylic painting Changes
                                                                                    A story by Gene Wolf, on sale now at Amazon.com

Dr. Richard O’Brian is the Director of Genetic Research at S&W Pharma, a large multinational drug company with only one interest; the bottom line. Cures for
sickness and disease are frowned upon. If a disease is cured there are no more paying clients. However, if a vaccine can be created to be sold to billions of people,
well, that was just good business sense! Genetic research, and understanding how the immune system worked would allow S&W to develop vaccines for every
illness known.

Dr. O’Brian’s painstaking research uncovered the computer like coding behind how all genetics operated. His goal, and that of S&W, was to find a method of
supercharging the immune system by tearing down the genetic structure of an animal and rebuild so the immune system would operate much more efficiently. This
process, Genemorphysis, is administered as a vaccine and takes months to run to completion. To test his discovery Phase I clinical trials were designed to turn one
animal into another with a rebuilt immune system. The results were far better than anyone dreamed possible.

When reports from India indicate there’s a mutant superbug on the loose it seems the timing of the research couldn’t have been better. Unfortunately, as they
discover just how serious this outbreak is, they also realize they have no time to finish the remaining two phases of their genetic research. Is anyone ready for the
changes that are inevitably coming?

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and several unpublished vignettes you will love.
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