"Chatter in Paradise"
11x14" acrylic on ampersand
(C) Cara Bevan 2015
Cat Gallery
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There once was a cat on a hot terracotta roof. From the warm tiles he watched the English countryside. His name was Chatter, and he was
both a curious farm cat and a pampered pet. At night, he would snuggle with the children in their beds by their heads. He enjoyed the
company of other cats, and even watched the new kittens as they dozed by the fire. Chatter could climb the steep roof with ease and enjoy
the scene of the countryside there. Cattle in their pastures, lambs and sheep in their pen. Chickens pecking at the yard beside a red sumac
tree. He watched as the humans took care of their land - but in his mind, it was his domain. It was his Paradise.

This painting is a companion to
"Jack in Paradise"