18x24" acrylic on canvas
(C) Cara Bevan 2007
I am very passionate towards all animals, but I’m particularly close to cats. In the hopes to paint portraits of all my cats I painted
“Comet.” Comet is the brother of
Furby, the cat in my very first painting. This male, orange, American short-haired feline is a
mischievous one. He is very friendly and very kind, but he’s attention hungry. He wants to be everywhere you are, and he’ll pursue
you relentlessly to do that. Comet belongs to my sister, Amber, but he’ll interrupt anyone in our family for a little love. When you’re
reading the newspaper, he wants to be on it. When you’re typing on the computer, he wants to sit in your lap or on the keyboard
itself. He demands to drink water not out of a specifically made water fountain, but a bathroom sink instead. He’ll carry a wide array
of toys across the house to us for a little recognition and he’s so adorable when he does it! To go along with his boisterous attitude
is his wide mouthed meow. He’s definitely a loud cat, mewing with his mouth as wide as he can. And when he’s bored with us and his
toys, Comet will pick on his much more timid brother. We’ve broken apart many fights between them, but it’s not to harm; they just
play rough as all boys do. When Comet is done running around and he’s tired, he’ll lie down as innocent as an angel and give you
wide, hypnotizing eyes. I painted Comet in that rare moment between play times (he has just finished chewing on the Christmas tree
in the background!) In a few moments he’ll spring to life once more and begin his play all over again.
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comet orange tabby cat portrait acrylic painting
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