"Crustacean Salutation"
16x20" acrylic on canvas
(C) Cara Bevan 2008
I love to paint animals that are a challenging because few artists would attempt such complicated images. My most complex painting yet has to be this one:
“Crustacean Salutation.” The subject is a giant Japanese spider crab, seen at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA. It’s the largest arthropod (the animal
family that includes crab, shrimp, insects, and spiders) in the world. These mammoth crabs have unusually long legs and each leg has been reported to
grow as long as six feet! Their spiky, dome shaped bodies can measure 15 inches on their own. They typically weigh in at 40 pounds and are strict
scavengers, cleaning the ocean floor of dead animals and the occasional mollusk. Japanese spider crabs are not often hunted by man because they live
150 to 1,000 feet below the ocean. These crabs are well suited for their life as bottom feeders though; whenever they molt their shells they will eat it to
absorb the nutrients from it. Unfortunately, they are considered a delicacy in Japan – when and if they can be caught. Despite that, these giants are not
endangered and if left alone they can live to be a 100 years old. The giant Japanese spider crab may not be in danger of extinction, but it’d still be nice to
see them greeting people in the future for centuries to come.

*Painting awarded as a Finalist in the Artist's Magazine 2008 Annual Competition*
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crustacean salutation red pink japanese spider crab acrylic painting
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