"Cupid's Darts"
18x24" acrylic on canvas
(C) Cara Bevan 2007
I created “Cupid’s Darts” as the first part of a series of paintings with the theme of love. This helps bring up the controversial issue of
‘can animals love?’ There will always be two sides of the argument. In one hand, animals don't seem to have the intelligence to love. On
the other hand, animals seem to share every other emotion we humans have. I have thought long and hard about this subject and I
have come to this conclusion: animals can love. It might not seem apparent at first, especially in insects, reptiles, and other small
critters, but the fact is that love is simply an instinct. Every creature can love, but it may be to different degrees. For example,
domesticated animals show their devotion and love openly to their owners, making it easy to see that they can love. Even some wild
animals like foxes and geese mate for life, showing their love towards one another. For animals like the poison dart frogs I have painted,
their love is less obvious. Think about it for a minute; you are never told how to love, it just comes naturally. Everything is born with a
want to belong, to find someone else to be with, and so they always attract to potential partners or friends. For animals, the purpose for
love may be just procreation or companionship, but it is love all the same. Still, this subject is very debatable and you don't have to
agree with me. At least enjoy the thought that all animals, large and small, are not so different from us after all.
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