"Deadly Details"
11x14" acrylic on canvas
(C) Cara Bevan 2007
When I first started painting “Deadly Details” I only thought it was a pretty picture, but then I began to wonder, “Why do we dislike snakes?”
There are many logical reasons for why the majority of society is afraid of them. Snakes are in the Bible and have close relations to the
Devil, fearsome dragons were inspired by snakes, Hollywood has used them often in movies, and so on. Other than the most common
thoughts, are there deeper reasons we fear them? Let’s ignore all religious and story references for a minute. Snakes are strange
creatures; in many ways they are opposite from us. We do everything with our hands and feet, but snakes don’t have limbs. We are warm
blooded, and yet they are cold blooded. Snakes have scaly armor, we are vulnerable and fleshy. Snakes swallow their prey whole while we
have to chew our food. They are very different from us, but that’s not the only reason they cause fear. Ever since man came to be snakes
had to be avoided. In the past there was no such thing as antivenom, so if you were bitten by one your relatives were already planning
your funeral. Many snakes are venomous and they are hard to tell apart, so it makes sense that our ancestors learned to avoid them. This
caution just might be what has created our fears today. Stories have been passed down to be aware of snakes, but we distort this respect
into fear and hatred. If you fear snakes or know someone that does, think about why. Snakes may be strange and intimidating, but they are
no scarier than some of us. Be respectful of all snakes for their beauty and importance in our world.  
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deadly details poisonous tan and grey snake acrylic painting
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