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"One More Story"
Digital Illustration, made for the SCBWI annual art contest. 2016. 15x15"
Cara Bevan 2016
She couldn't get to sleep. No matter how much she tried, she tossed and turned. Not even hugging her favorite toys and imagining all the adventures they had been
on was making her eyelids droop. She could hear her parents talking heatedly in the kitchen and her little mind tried to ignore what they were saying. She needed to
go to sleep, her mother told to... but she wanted to be read another story.

Suddenly her imaginary friend appeared. She was so happy to see him, and she told him she wanted to be read a story so she could fall asleep better. The
gargoyle-like creature searched the room for a book. The first one he found was "The Good Book." They sat down on the floor together and  he began to read in a
whispered voice. With each paragraph he animated the scenes with his hands, wings, and head. She was enjoying the story, even though she'd heard it before. The
family cat heard her giggle and walked in. The cat liked her imaginary friend and he rubbed against his leg in approval.

The monster was enjoying the story too, and he read a little louder and made sound effects. But in doing so, the parents' disagreement stopped... and when the
mother peeked through the door, she saw that her little girl's imaginary friend wasn't so imaginary.
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