"Fowl Emperor"
16x20" acrylic on canvas
(C) Cara Bevan 2008
The second part of my rooster series is called “Fowl Emperor.” The portrait is of
Rosie, a Rhode Island Red rooster with a unique, rose shaped cone. This bright
eyed rooster was by far the most gentlemanly of them all. His kindness was well
known among the other birds in the aviary - not even the intimidating
King” would mess with him. Rosie practically owned the coop. The other
roosters had to stay outside of the roofed enclosure while he, the hens, and the
peacocks stayed inside. Rosie was in no way a bully, though. The respect was
unspoken, but recognized by the way he walked, the way he acted, and the
overall kindness he treated his fellow fowls with. Rosie only turned to violence
when another rooster was being impolite to one of the hens – then his
punishment was swift. No one dared to mess with him, for under his gentle eyes
lied a ready-to-light fire. Still, he was the love of the aviary. The shy hens
sought his protection, the reserved ones sought his company, and the
peacocks weren't afraid to treat him as one of their own. Through it all he
stayed the Emperor. When the Fowl Tyrant (aka, He-she, yet to be painted)
arrived, Rosie fought valiantly to protect his hens and friends. He died of
wounds from a fight we were too late to prevent April 23, 2009.

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fowl emperor rose cone rhode island red rooster bird portrait acrylic painting
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