"Fowl King"
16x20" acrylic on canvas
(C) Cara Bevan 2007
The “Fowl King”, also known as Big White, was an aggressive rooster with an air of royalty. Dominant over the other aviary birds, he demanded every great
convenience. He claimed the highest roost to sleep on, the best parts of every treat, and the best spots to dust and sunbathe. The Fowl King had his softness
for people though (his subjects) and would kindly greet them when a treat was going to be handed out. The hens crowded around him like paparazzi and he
was always the main attraction. The King’s biggest competitor was the
Fowl Emperor, a red rooster known as Rosie. The Emperor was too strong and too
respected, so the King let him have his respect; after all, Big White had everything else.

One day, newcomers came into the kingdom. Twelve white hens blessed the King with their presence and he was overcome with joy. But the newcomers were
ill. They used to live at a large poultry farm. Knowing nothing but steroids, indoors, and tight cages, they caught the simplest of illnesses and had constant
asthma. The King, overcome by greed and pride, got the diseases too. It didn’t kill him, but it made him weaker. Antibiotics only lessened the symptoms.

The King wasn’t to be outdone though. Illness didn’t damper his spirit and he still crowed his dominance (even if the crow was a bit scratchy.) When new,
healthier hens arrived, he strutted for them and became their king too. However, in the brood of hens came something else. One hen oddly grew into a large,
orange rooster. The King tried to fight him away like he had the Fowl Forlorn, but it was in vain. The new rooster He-She was too big, too strong, and young.
The King was sick and old. He lost his position to the usurper. He may have lost his kingdom but He-She was kind enough to give him his dignity. He still could
roost in the best spot, get some treats when the hens were done pecking, and dust and sunbathe when he pleased. Big White died early March of 2009 a
humble rooster. He was the Fowl King though and that memory can never be rivaled.
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fowl king white rooster pet portrait acrylic painting
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