"Fowl Martyr"
16x20" acrylic on canvas
(C) Cara Bevan 2008
The third painting in my rooster series is "Fowl Martyr." Though similar to my other rooster portraits, this is at the
same time different. It is in memory of Zeik, the araucana rooster, who died April 25, 2008. His death was
unexpected and mysterious – he was young, healthy, and uninjured. Let this be his eulogy:

Zeik came to our farm accidentally. One year we bought some chicks from a feed store that were supposed to be
all hens. Zeik was somehow mixed in with the brood, but we didn’t mind. Ever since he was a chick, he was always
mild mannered and beautiful. His tail feathers were iridescent green, as was his dark colored body, but his neck
and wings were white. He was most known for his unusual ‘beard’ of feathers instead of a gobble, giving him an
Amish look. Thus, Ezekiel (Zeik) became his name. Zeik, as mild mannered as he was, became the target for Big
White’s anger
(the Fowl King). They sparred often and fought to defend territory and hens. Zeik was nearly the
same size as the other roosters, but that didn’t help him. He lost most of the battles because he wasn’t aggressive
enough. Zeik settled for second best, but he stole our hearts and was our number one.

Don’t let the news of Zeik’s death sadden you, for my painting is a celebration of his life. His memory lives on.
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fowl martyr black and white americana rooster bird portrait acrylic painting
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