18x24" acrylic on canvas
(C) Cara Bevan 2008
I do all I can to honor the animals I know, have seen, and love. That is why I have redone the painting
of my cat, Furby. My first ‘professional’ painting, also called “Furby”, was completed in the fall of
2006. Due to its flaws, I was compelled to try again. I believe I have done my furbaby proud. Furby
has always been very timid compared to his crazy brother,
Comet. He is very attached to me and
whenever I paint he sits beside me in a chair just for him. Furby is my little, orange shadow. When he
can’t find me in the house, he’ll meow oh so pitifully until someone sees to him. Furby is very sweet,
though, never wanting to leave my side, and he purrs loud enough to fill a room with his song. He is
so timid that he won't play with toys unless you're not looking. If you look at him, he'll give you wide,
scared eyes and scamper off, seemingly embarrassed. I dearly love him, even with his flaws. He is
perfect just the way he is. This painting has taught me one thing above all else – a little determination
goes a long way. While painting it I just wanted it to end. I’ve never painted something so complicated
before and I was caught off guard by it. It seemed like torture at first, but now that it’s finished I’m
looking forward to the next painting (even if it’s just as or more complex). Seeing Furby sleeping
soundly by my side made it all worthwhile.

(January 1999 - October 15th 2012)
Cat Gallery
furby red orange tabby cat pet portrait acrylic painting
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