"Gold Mane"
16x20" acrylic on canvas
(C) Cara Bevan 2007
My painting “Gold Mane” is a sister painting to my earlier “Fire Mane.” The subject of my artwork is a
Golden Lion Tamarin, a subspecies of the tamarin family. These lively monkeys share the same
characteristics as their cousins, and their lives are in the same amount of peril. The majority of
tamarins live in Brazil in the canopies of dense rainforests. They all used to live in one area, but
because of deforestation they have been cruelly split into seventeen different populations. More
than 90% of the original Atlantic coastal forest habitat has been lost or fragmented to obtain lumber
and charcoal and to clear out areas for plantations, cattle pasture, and development. Capture for
zoos and private collections also contributed to its decline in the past. The golden lion tamarin is still
under severe threat form continued deforestation, much of which is undertaken to create weekend
beach properties. Less than 2% of the forest remains in the region where the gold lion tamarin lives.
The fight to save the rainforests has always been a hard battle, but some day we will succeed.
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