Gourd Waterfowl and Majestic Birds
All artwork and information (C) to Cara Bevan and Art from the Heart.   
Gourd birds are a newer series, but one I enjoy adding to. After years of playing with more folk-artsy styles, I developed techniques to make realistic birds.
Gourds make the base of the bird's shape - head, body, wings, and tail. Then I use clay to form the details such as the legs, face, and every individual
feather one-by-one. It's a lengthy process but one I thoroughly enjoy! If you want to see what gourd birds I have available, check out my Online Store!

Want to purchase a gourd bird? You can buy them directly from my
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Gourd Birds
Gourd Predatory Birds
Gourd Sculptures
Work in progress of Gourd Owl #2. The
face has been sculpted on the gourds.
Gourd Bird #3 - Saw Whet Owl
Gourd Bird #1 - Turkey Vulture
Small Bird Sculptures
My gourd birds are made from two gourds, plus shell cuts of several others. I use a
single egg shaped gourd for the body, half for a head, and the wings and tail are part of
gourds I've cut into shape. With each bird, the feet, face, and all feathers are sculpted
by hand and individually placed. It's a tedious process that I love to do!
Hyper-realistic Gourd Owl #3 - Saw Whet Owl. My cat Rufus poses with him.
Gourd Bird #6 - Fantasy Cosmic Owl
Gourd Bird #5 - Barn Owl
Gourd Predatory Birds
Gourd Bird #8, The Heron Phoenix.

Sculpted to resemble a Great Blue
Heron, it's colors take on a whimsical
touch with fiery oranges and yellows.
Inspired by the passing of a beloved
wild Great Blue Heron, who was injured
and died before it could be helped. It
will always be remembered.
17" tall
A gourd and clay
"Rising Phoenix"

17" tall
Online Store
Small bird sculptures, using gourds for their bodies, heads,
wings, tail, and bases.

4 - 5 inches tall.
Small Great Blue Heron (8" tall with base)