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My very first gourd sculpture, made in 2007, was a gourd turtle. It started with a whim of an idea and transformed into a fascination. I have my
artsy gardener grandmother to thank for that! Since then I've created a long standing series of gourd turtles. Every turtle I've made is based off
of a real species. Throughout the years my techniques have grown and evolved. My preferred sculpture style is realism. The pictures below
are just a sampling of the many, many sculptures I've created. To see every Gourd Turtle I've ever made, visit the complete Gourd Animal Blog:

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Gourd Cats & Dogs
Gourd Cats
Gourd cats, dogs, and other animals (raccoons, bears, mice, and rabbits) are all made of multiple
gourds assembled together. Miniatures are one and a half gourds, while mediums sized sculptures
are 3-7 gourds. Paperclay and epoxy based clays are used to fill in their form and details.
Gourd Sculptures
She was made to be life-sized like the
client's own calico cat.
Work in progress of
life-sized cat "Pooka".
Her gourds are
assembled and air-
drying clay has been
used to fill her shape.
These gourd cats were busy! The larger cats are made of many gourds, while the miniature cats
(3-4 inches tall) are made of one and a half mini doll gourds. All are hand-made, no molds!
Gourd Cat #7 - Bungee.
Gourd Cat #9
Kittens made
from miniature
bottle gourds
(1.5 gourds)
and paper
clay. Each
between 3-4"
Gourd Dogs
Pooping Puppy #2. This gag sculpture is of a squatting dog (complete with a pile of poop)
Pooping Puppy #5, Reba the Boxer
"Pooka" is a life-sized gourd cat sculpture. Made of 10 gourds.