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Gourd Fish and Sea Life
Gourd Sculptures
Fish are as unique as they are diverse. There are several types of gourds that help me create them, along with epoxy clay, cedar wood for bases, and sheet plastic for the delicate fins.
Included in this gallery are other ocean creatures which include crustaceans, octopus, jellyfish, sea urchins, sea shells, etc.

The pictures below are just a sampling of what I've made and may not be available. Check my online stores to see what I have in stock. Every sculpture is handmade
and one-of-a-kind, so check often for updates!

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These two decorative sea urchins are made from canteen gourds. 6 and 8" wide.
Realistic Gourd Fish
Gourd Fish #1 - Coalecanth. 8" long.
Other Ocean Creatures
Gourd Jellyfish #1. 12" tall
Gourd Fish #2 - Asagi Koi. 6" long
Gourd Fish #4 - Doitsu Koi. 10" long
Gourd Koi #3 (orange) and #5 (black & white)
Gourd Octopus #4, "Edward Tentacles". 16" wide and deep, he's my second most involved gourd sculpture with 53 hours of work in him.
Fish # 6, Large Goldfish. 12" long
Small Gourd Fish
Fish are mostly gourd, with the gourd being the entire tail, body, and head of the
fish. I use clay to sculpt the face and special plastic for the waving fins. For fish
with prominent scales, the scales are also made with clay by hand. One by one,
and attached to the fish one at a time. The Large Goldfish to the left is 3 gourds
- body and tail, head, and the hump on the back.
Small fish are no larger than 5" long. They're made
with a single egg or bottle gourd with sculpted faces
and added fins. Their colors are inspired by real fish
colors I've researched online. Each is mounted on a
piece of cedar driftwood.
Online Store
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"Ocean Goliath", 18" tall hanging lamp to look like a seashell.