All artwork and information (C) to Cara Bevan and Art from the Heart.   
Among my most popular gourd series are the gourd frogs and toads. After creating my first gourd turtle, the first toad wasn't far behind (also inspired
by my lovely grandmother).  My sculpting ability and technique has improved ten fold since the first creation, but I still look fondly on the experimental
toad. The pictures below are just a sampling of the many, many sculptures I've created. To see every Gourd Frog or Toad I've ever made, visit the
complete Gourd Frog Blog. You can also purchase your own little amphibian at my Online Store!

Want a gourd amphibian of your own? You can buy them directly from my
online shop. You can also order a custom made one by Contacting me.
Gourd Frogs/Toads
Realistic Gourd Frogs/Toads
All of my gourd frogs/toads
contain a single egg shaped
gourd. Some grow naturally
warty, while others are
smooth. For extra warty toads
I sculpt extra warts and even
cover the gourd entirely in
clay. I use wire and clay to
form the legs and heads.
Gourd Sculptures
Realistic Gourd Toad #87, a Red American Toad. Tomcat Rufus approves!
Gourd Frog #75, "Korra" the Corrugated or Rivulet Toad. Halle the calico cat gives a curious sniff.
Gourd Frog #74, "Bee" the Corroboree Toadlet
Gourd Toad #74, a crimson Pacman Toad. Made on commission.
Gourd Frog #100, a shelf-sitting, whimsical gourd toad.
Miniature Frog #84. Only 3.5 inches long!
Miniature Frog #101. It's just over 3.5" long!
Miniature Gourd Frogs/Toads
Work in progress of a realistic gourd toad. The legs
have been sculpted onto the gourd already.
Gourd Toad #100 is
made of 2 gourds, one
for the body and another
for the head. The eyes
are reverse painted
class marble halves.
All miniature gourd frogs/toads are made from heirloom miniature spinner gourds. They are between 2-4" long and no two are alike!
Online Store
Toad # 149 - a Karoo Toad. Custom ordered, 6.5" long.
Miniature Frog #142 - a fiery original colored toad.