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All artwork and information (C) to Cara Bevan and Art from the Heart.   
Miscellaneous Gourd Sculptures
Gourd Sculptures
Mmm, Icecream! Though it's entirely made of gourds. I used 8 gourds to create this life-sized icecream cone.
Not everything can be put into a category - so I put them here instead! Here are my unusual and creative gourd sculptures.

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A miniature gourd painted with a wrap-around tiger and lavender scene.
Gourd Lizard #1, Displaying Green Anole
A giant cobra made from 2 large gourds. The entire tail,
body, and neck is one long "snake" gourd. The hood is
part of a cannonball gourd. Only the head was sculpted.
A sitting polar bear made from two gourds and clay. Made in a set of 3 different kinds of bears.
American Alligator, 9" long.
Gourd Lizard #2, Western Blue-tailed Skink.
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The Goblin King, made of 13 gourds, clay, and embellishments. 13.5" tall
Gourd Robot #2, "The Watcher." 11.5" tall
Gourd Robot #1, "The Trojan". 8" tall
A ribcage carved
from a single gourd
with a heart, also
entirely made of
gourds, suspended
in the middle.
A large model heart made entirely of gourds. 12" tall