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My very first gourd sculpture, made in 2007, was a gourd turtle. It started with a random idea that turned a fascination. I have my artsy gardener
grandmother to thank for that! Since then I've created a long standing series of gourd turtles. Every turtle I've  made is based off of a real species.
Throughout the years my techniques have grown and evolved to my preferred style of realism. The pictures below are just a sampling of the many,
many sculptures I've created. To see every Gourd Turtle I've ever made, visit the complete Gourd Turtle Blog. You can also purchase your own gourd
turtle or tortoise by visiting my Online Store!

Want to purchase a gourd turtle? You can buy them directly from my
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Gourd Turtles
Hyper-Realistic Gourd Turtles
Hyper-realistic Turtle #1 - "Snappy" the leucistic Alligator Snapping turtle. Largest turtle to date, 14" long. Used 5 gourds.
Hyper-realistic Turtle #3, the Yellow-blotched Sawback
Hyper-realistic Turtle #2 - Chinese Box Turtle
Miniature Hyper-Realistic Turtle #1 - 3-toed box turtle. Only 2.5" long!
Miniature Hyper-Realistic turtle #3 - Blanding's Turtle. Only 3.5" long!
Miniature Hyper-Realistic turtle #2 - Northern Diamondback Terrapin
Hyper-Realistic turtle #4: "George" the Galapagos Tortoise. 14" long, life-sized.
Miniature Turtles
All of my gourd turtles,
both realistic and stylized,
use a specific breed of
gourd. For medium and
large turtles I use a gourd
called the 'maranka', or
'caveman' gourd. For
miniature turtles, I use an
heirloom 'miniature
spinner' gourd. Each turtle
only contains one gourd
unless otherwise noted. I
use air-drying and epoxy
based clays to form all of
their details.
Set of miniature Florida Box Turtles and Chinese Box Turtles
Gourd Sculptures
Every miniature turtle, made with a single heirloom spinner gourd, is 100% handmade. I grow the gourds myself and use
air-drying clay to sculpt their features. Then they are hand painted to resemble a real species. All are about 3 inches long.
Work in progress of a miniature gourd turtle.
The tan "shell" is the gourd within. The white is
the clay.
Online Store
HR Turtle # 8, Loggerhead Sea Turtle. 15" long
My largest gourd turtle to date, "Mama" the Green Sea Turtle is over 18" long. She's made of 9 gourds and many pounds of clay.
Every bit of her flippers, head, and shell is detailed like a real turtle. She's perched on vintage cypress driftwood.
"Woodrow" the Wood Turtle. 14" long
A larger Yellow-Blotched Sawback turtle, 10.5" long
Green Sea Turtle, 10" (#HR9).
Turtle HR #13 - a beach colored Loggerhead Sea Turtle. Custom order.