"Group of Groupers"
16x20" acrylic on canvas
(C) Cara Bevan 2007
A trip to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA, taught me about an
extraordinary fish. “Group of Groupers” came from the giant grouper fish
held in the ocean voyager exhibit of the aquarium. These fish are huge,
growing eight feet long and weighing in at 660 pounds! They can live up
to 50 years in the wild and they typically live deep underwater near coral
beds where the light is low and they can easily such up unsuspecting
prey. All groupers start out female, but as they age their sexes can
change to male depending on the need in the environment. The giant
grouper also has seven rows of teeth on their bottom jaw. They may
sound and look intimidating, but they are actually very friendly. The small
group of groupers at the aquarium would stay as close to the glass as
possible, hoping to gain attention from the gawking tourists. This also
happens in the wild. They are so sociable that they are hunted often and
they have been listed as “vulnerable” on the endangered species list.
Plus, these fish live so long that it’s hard for young fish to replace the
older, larger fish in the oceans. Most people wouldn’t expect a fish to be
‘tame’, but I’ve learned that you should always expect the unexpected.
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