"Jack in Paradise"
11x14" acrylic on canvas
(C) Cara Bevan 2014
Only he knows the troubles he's seen, and oh what troubles they must have been. But we go through troubles to find our paradise, and lucky Jack has found his.

In England some years ago, Jack was adopted as an adult cat, already missing an eye and timid. Sometimes he would hide from his loving family, but they were
patient and kind. He grew to be very friendly and sociable, beloved and behaved, and he came to know the marshy green paradise of his new home. His family
walked with him in the great paradise along mossy fallen logs, little creeks, and fields of tall grasses and bluebells. Giant twisting trees shaded the land and not far
away cows could be heard calling from their pasture. Roe deer and pheasant roamed the land and Jack stood calmly as its guardian. Jack had an intelligence and
understanding that made him more than just a pet to his humans. There was so much to see and hear, and for a cat knowing what he knew there was no better
freedom than his land and no better security than a loving family.

As his human family grew, his human "sister" made the hard decision to move to the United States without him. With Jack in his autumn years, and he being so
comfortable with his woodlands, she couldn't bear to put him through the stress. When she goes home to visit her parents and Jack, he will still come and greet her
and spend time like the old days. Jack doesn't forget the kindnesses, and only he will know what he knows.
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