"Kimberlin Crew"
10x20" acrylic on canvas
(C) Cara Bevan 2013
It's an unlikely scene - the furry Kimberlin family all lined up, trying to pose for a portrait. On the left, Prissy the Chihuahua timidly sits. Mimi the pug wants to wiggle
away so she sits and smiles for only a second. Sugar the cat just wants to get out of there. Chumlee is wary of Sugar's intentions and gives her a glare. Reba the
boxer is content to sit a moment and watches the group. Bunches the elderly pug hopes a treat follows this session. They pose just long enough for the shot, just
barely. Mort the desert tortoise (on the far lower left) didn't get the memo and didn't quite make it into the picture.

This fun portrait was a huge thank you gift for the Kimberlin family who let me stay at their Indiana home for 8 days to be artsy and pal around with my best friend
Kayla. I got photos of them all separately and compiled them for one epic portrait. Don't expect this to ever happen in real life! I got to meet the whole gang during
my visit and at the end of my stay I'd grown to love them all.
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