8x10" oval acrylic on canvas
(C) Cara Bevan 2007
This painting was inspired by another one of our mischievous cats. His name is "Louie." This crazy cat was a stray at a house my
father was building as an independent contractor. The male cat visited the house and seemed to be malnutritioned and feral. So,
out of pity, my dad caught him and brought him home. It turned out that Louie wasn't feral, but very tame and an already neutered 3
year old. No one was looking for him, so we kept him. Turns out that he's what some people call "berserkers." A berserker is an
animal not raised by their proper parents and they end up having personality problems similar to bipolar disorder in people. He'll
randomly explode with anger, slashing at the nearest person or thing, but a few seconds later he's just fine and looking innocent.
Even though Louie is unpredictable, we've grown to love this attention loving feline since we've been able to predict his explosions.
He's grown a lot since he arrived here and thanks to a wayward kitten he helped us raise, he's mellowed and become a respectable
part of our feline family.
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louie peach tan tabby cat pet portrait acrylic painting
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