"Lunar Light"
18x24" acrylic on ampersand
(C) Cara Bevan 2011
lunar light luna moth insect bug neon green wildlife acrylic painting
Fleeting moments make those little things the most magical. That’s the case with “Lunar Light”. A Luna Moth is among the largest of moths, with
a 4-inch wingspan. In most areas of the United States, there is only one generation a year appearing in June and early July. Along the east
coast there can be two, even three generations starting in March. Upon coming from their cocoon, their wings are actually small. Blood is
pumped into them to make them grow. Once the wings harden they are free to fly and propagate the species, laying 100-300 eggs for the next
generation. Like most moths, they do not have mouths. They cannot eat or drink. As such, they only live 7 days and appear most often at
night. It’s rare I catch sight of these beautiful moths. When I do, I value the once-in-a-year moment and hope for another sight soon.
Made for the North Carolina Zoo's 2011
benefit auction
Insect/Arachnid Gallery
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