9x14.5" acrylic on wood
(C) Cara Bevan 2012
There once was a kingdom, ruled by a queen and a wayward king. The Queen had five children. Sassy the Diva, Doodle the Knight, Ivy the Outcast, Simba the
Prince, and Nala the Princess. It was the princess, under the guidance of a relaxed and carefree queen, that tried to rule the world. She was angry. And she ended
up alone.

    Nala was nicknamed many things. "Bunny" for her soft silky fur, "Princess" for her attitude and the unique wedge of blue in her yellow-green eyes, and in her golden years,
"Old Bitty." For good reason. Born July 7th 1994, Nala was raised with four others. They never saw their father, an orange tabby. Their mother, Nubby, was carefree. She raised
with loose paws, loving life and all it had to offer. So when it came to law and order, the kittens made the rules. Nala took the reins. She threw the runt, Ivy, out of their kingdom,
which was the large deck of the old house. Ivy lived at a nearby shed instead. Sister Sassy was tormented, but she was just as feisty. They learned to leave each other alone. Fat
and lazy Simba took Nala's abuse and stayed put by not reacting. Doodle became a feral, living partially in the woods despite being hand raised. Mainly because Nala ordered it.
Mother Nubby was never bothered, nor did she care to even out the unruly kittens. It was peaceful, most of the time. So long as Nala got her way.

    And that included people. Never touch her tail. Never pick her up. You must give her attention, at the right time and appropriately, or else a sharp clawed swipe wasn't far
away. You could tell when she was upset, she had a banshee like yell and a scolding "rgheowr!"

    Life was easy. She ruled the roost, and her siblings. Always fed, fat, happy. She aged with the rest, and the more she aged the angrier she became. Well, maybe not angry.
More like demanding.

    Diva sister Sassy died at age 14. Ivy got sick with cancer, and out of pity Nala allowed her to live with them again. But only for a couple months, before Ivy too died. Simba
succumbed to cancer as well, at age 16. Four months later, Doodle got sick. It was quiet in the kingdom. Nala, who'd been detached to everyone else, felt something towards the
sickly brother. In his death bed, Nala slept beside him. She stayed with him until we picked him up to bury him. Then it was just Nala and mother Nubby. Nubby had since gone
senile. Nala didn't mind though, maybe finding Nubby funny in how she reverted to kittenhood. Playing in water, taking long walks, eating like a pig. They slept together every
night, warding away cold and critters.
But one day, Nubby walked away. She was 19. She kept walking, and never returned.

    And the Princess was alone. Alone except for another cat who lived indoors that she despised. She realized, at the end of her own life, what it was to be alone. She had the
kingdom to herself, but she didn't want it. Everyone she'd ruled had gone.

Nala lasted a year after that. Her mentality declined quickly after Nubby's disappearance. She wasn't as angry, but more desperate for attention. During winter she stayed indoors,
with the very cat she despised. But he didn't mind her. She never fully accepted him. She died in her sleep indoors. The kingdom became empty.

                                                                                                        She's probably ruling the afterlife instead.

                                                                                                                (July 7th, 1994 - March 11th, 2012)
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