"Nature's Palette"
16x20" acrylic on oval canvas
(C) Cara Bevan 2010
Nature defines every color there is. With each color, there’s a meaning and a purpose as life cycles.
It's up to the individual to determine what these colors mean, but they’re never less than amazing. In
the Spring, life is in bloom. Green grass, white flowers, bright skies. It’s very colorful and has an
undeniable charm. Summer makes the greens their strongest, with the other colors thrown in. Fall is
the dying of life, but nature isn’t out just yet. Plants struggle to fight the coming chill and bring on their
best color. Grasses become yellow and brown and the trees sing with every color. It’s in this brief
period that nature gives us its all. Before the leaves brown and become lifeless, nature’s palette waves
goodbye to the world. Then, everything sleeps in dull greys and browns in Winter. Nature cleans its
palette then, but new paint will be applied once Spring returns. The painting of life continues.

This painting was inspired by the beautiful colors seen at the pond in my back yard, in North Carolina,
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