9.5x12" acrylic on decorative edged wood
(C) Cara Bevan 2010
                                                                          Some of our cats aren’t social butterflies – but this girl always was.

Nubby, called so for her short and small stature, came to us as a stray in 1993. Instantly she was ours. I was only five when she first arrived but I remember
her unique demeanor. To every person, friend or stranger, she’d approach and ask for pats. This became important later in her life, but another obstacle got
in the way. On July 7th, 1994, she had a litter of kittens. We helped provide for the five beautiful babies. We named the two boys
Simba and Punkin/Doodle,
and the three girls
Sassy, Nala, and Ivy. Nubby wasn’t the most attentive mother, but her relaxed raising style made for well natured kittens. We kept her
children and had them all fixed; we didn’t want any more surprises! Around the time the kittens were a year old, we opened our large farm for elementary
school field trips. The kids loved to see the 40+ goats, 3 pigs, llamas, peacocks, and many chickens. The show stealer was always Nubby though. As soon as
the bus unloaded, she was waiting patiently in the yard. She was never upset by tugs or pulling and returned every pat and kiss with one of her own. At the
trip’s end, the kids remembered Nubby the most. The visits happened for several years until the schools lost interest. Nubby still sat in the yard, and made a
habit out of sleeping in the jungle gyms. Even when she stopped waiting for them, she continued to sleep in the sunny spot of the jungle gym.

Nubby lived as an outdoor cat with her kittens ever since. The days were peaceful and kind. An expert hunter, she always found something to do. When her
children misbehaved she wasn’t above giving them a smack. Yet to people, her loved never ceased. She even liked to be carried like a baby – her belly to my
chest, her arms on my shoulders. Then she’d get the urge to climb and sit on my head, but the laugh was always welcomed. In her age, she became more
forgetful but what was most important never left her mind. Love.

                                                                                                     (1992? - May 20, 2011)

                               Nubby ran away from home at age 19. We don't know where she went, but we hope she left this world in peace.
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