"Peeping Tom I"
11x14" acrylic on ampersand
(C) Cara Bevan 2011
There's a peeping Tom at your window!

...thankfully it's a tomcat. And he's also spotted one of his favorite toys.

Luckily he won't be playing with this one today!
(See the picture of the framed painting below!)

Cats are very silly and full of character. More than once I've spot our cats making silly glances from the windows, over grass, rocks,
and whatever else they're hiding behind! Besides, I just love painting cats! And what's better than adding to an original artwork with
an original sculpture? The butterfly added to the antique barnwood frame is a GOURD sculpted butterfly! Carved from thick sawed
gourd pieces, it's realistic in detail, proportion, shape, and color. This tiger swallowtail is lucky to be outside the window!

I WILL be making more in this "Peeping Tom" series!

You can have your own peeping tom, just contact me for size quotes. Choose your size, cat, frame color,
AND gourd sculpted critter that will be attached to the frame (and its placement on the frame).
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  • Original acrylic on canvas
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    butterfly is attached to the frame.
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