This painting titled "Raccoon Cap" was inspired by the
pet raccoon named Rocco my family used to own.
Rocco came from a traveling petting zoo, but she was
inhumanely kept in a glass aquarium without any
human contact. She was hand-raised and very tame,
making it sad to see her so cruelly caged. So my
parents decided to buy her for $100. For an animal
native to North Carolina the price for her was crazy,
but it was worth it to save Rocco. She stayed a
beloved family pet for many years until old age took
her. My painting is remembrance of her friendship as
she liked to sit on my father's shoulders and eat the
buttons off his hats. Even though I don't recommend
having a wild animal as a pet (and technically, it's
illegal to own animals native to your area), when it
comes to saving their lives I'm all for it.
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raccoon cap wildlife hat acrylic painting portrait
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"Raccoon Cap"
16x20" acrylic on canvas
(C) Cara Bevan 2007
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