"Rainforest Ruby"
16x20" acrylic on canvas
(C) Cara Bevan 2007
“Rainforest Ruby” was painted to honor the unparalleled beauty and elegance of the Scarlet Ibis. Like many animals native to South America, they are threatened with
extinction. They used to be the most abundant bird there in 1890, but ever since deforestation and fishing came to Brazil their numbers have quickly declined. Ibises are
water birds, living and nesting close to shallow water and mangroves. They feed off crabs and other crustaceans that have a special protein giving them their bright red
coloration. They are an amazing bird, and because of that they are valued as pets in Amazonia and many are captured to rid of insects. The Ibis's worst threat comes
from fishermen. Aqua Agriculture has become a fast growing and very destructive enterprise throughout South America. This is the practice of cutting down a large
portion of the mangroves, which destroys the birds' homes and nests, and then fishing all of the fish out of that area as quickly as possible, thereby taking all of their food
as well. This thoughtless destruction will not only cause the demise of the Scarlet Ibis, but also the many other water birds and aquatic creatures that reside near Brazilian
waters. There are so many horrible stories about disappearing species, but if we started the problem we can fix it. Preserve the rubies of the rainforest!
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Rainforest Ruby red bird scarlet ibis acrylic painting
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