10x10" acrylic on wood
(C) Cara Bevan 2010
Ralphie black and white tuxedo fat cat on carpet acrylic painting portrait
Our big, loveable boy named Ralphie, fondly dubbed “cat pig,” wasn’t always so endearing. His loving face used to be marred by another nickname. “Demon Cat.” It’s hard to
believe that in the year 2000, a man could no longer keep his young feline friend. My aunt gave the cat to us; and he was a wild and uncut male with a fear of the outside. We let
him loose outside, not knowing what to do with him. For days he hid under the old house. It wasn’t until we coaxed him out with food that we accidentally let him in the abandoned
home (we had moved to a newer home on the same property.) Ralphie’s nickname “demon cat” came from the way he mauled a broomstick like his life depended on it when he
glimpsed the outside. After being neutered though, something changed. He became best friends with our miniature schnauzer Babe and they would tear through the house like a
tornado. No bit of paper or loose blanket was left intact. They had so much fun! Ralphie became amazingly fat, though. Despite the little amount of food he ate, he ballooned to
30 lbs. A neurotic fear of cages kept us from getting him checked by a vet. When Babe passed, Ralphie was left alone in the house. A sunken corner in the living room brought in
mice that kept him on the prowl. It was his favorite pastime to hunt them. Ralphie loved to sunbathe on the furniture and looked forward to his daily brushing and massages. He
may have been heavy, but Ralphie was no slow poke. He could run and jump like a cat half his size, granted his stamina wasn’t much. Seeing his pudge gallop down the hallways
was priceless. Ralphie has always been afraid of strangers, and he had a special way of meowing to see if the human calling his name was someone he knew. Only after you
answered his little chirp would he come out prancing like a king. In a way, he was our little king. He abandoned his demon nickname for that of our adorable cherub.

(1999? – June 16, 2010)
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