8x10" acrylic on canvas
(C) Cara Bevan 2008
Every cat my family has seen, cared for, or met has a personality all its own. Those we have known for years we know much more of – they have
gained titles, reputations, and our endless love. The cat I’ve painted is “Sassy”, the diva. Sassy belongs to a family group of cats we’ve cared for
since July of 1994. Her mother, a primarily white calico named
Nubby, had her and four other kittens July 7 of that year. Since her birth Sassy
was the diva – always yearning for attention and finding anyone who could give it. She had a knack for predicting where people will be. When I
tended to my garden in 2008, right behind the old house where she lived with her family, she always met me there. But Sassy had her share of
bad habits too. She loved to chew – on anything – mostly fingers! This was painful when she was young, but age made her lose her teeth so it
was a bit less traumatic. With every diva personality is that little snap of aggressiveness. It was usually directed towards her two sisters, one of
which was pushed out of the family circle because of it. Sassy also disliked feral or new coming cats. She roamed the territory searching out
fresh meat to terrorize…thankfully she outgrew that too. In general Sassy was one of those dream cats. She met you when you needed love, she
was beautiful and kind, and ever so willing to please. Rest in peace. She died of natural causes October 2008 at age 14.

(July 7, 1994 – October 26, 2008)
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Sassy black white and orange calico acrylic painting cat portrait
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