Simba grey tabby and leaves fall trelace acrylic painting
8x10" acrylic on wood
(C) Cara Bevan 2011
                                                                     To honor another feline friend of mine, I have painted Simba. AKA, the prince.

  Simba was born July 7th, 1994 to a mostly white calico named
Nubby. He had three sisters and a brother born with him – all very different in appearance. Sister
Sassy was the Diva, a spicy black calico. Sister Ivy was a runt and looked just like the mother. Brother Punkin/Doodle was the lone hunter with patches of white and
grey tabby. Lastly, sister Nala was the princess. She was mostly white with a touch of orange. Simba was the only full tabby of the bunch and earned his name with his
robust body. He had a temperament like a spoiled child at times, knowing what he wanted and made sure you got it for him. Simba and Doodle fought often, and
violently, to secure their importance in the kitty family. Simba never messed with the sisters though. He wasn’t bold enough to face their flying paws!

  His spoiled nature led to obesity in his prime. He always begged for attention and was polite, but demanding with loud cries, to people. He lived like a prince, given
fluffy beds to sleep in. Although, Simba always preferred piles of sun warmed leaves over cushioned beds. For many years, he even slept in an empty litter box until it
fell apart. Simba could’ve been compared to a striped pig if he wasn’t such a small built cat. It didn’t sober his attitude though, just his energy levels. Eventually the
heavy weight made his legs bow. His elbows turned out, his knees buckled in, and his paws touched heel-to-heel when he stood. It would’ve been cute if it didn’t
hamper his walking some.

  Thankfully, as he aged, the weight came off and his temperament became milder. He was shy, less willing to attack his brother, and appreciated the company of his
sisters. When another, young and energetic cat came into his territory though, the older Simba had no problem with giving him a taste of his claws. It took many fights
for him to accept the new adolescent, most of which Simba won. It wasn’t long after that, though, that Simba developed severe weight loss and an extended belly. We
could only guess cancer, and he spent his final days in the comforts of home that a prince like him deserved. Rest in Peace.

                                                                                                        (July 7, 1994 – October 16, 2010)
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