8.5x11" acrylic on wood
(C) Cara Bevan 2012
The four foot tall child knocked on the closed bedroom door. He shifted the weight of the books and fairy lantern in his arms. He smiled to himself. It was fun
being a child...even though he was an android far beyond the years he appeared. In seconds a winged black cat opened the door.

"Hi Wing!" The cat mewed and started hovering.

"Hi Dio! Ready for the story?"

"YES!" A fort had been created from furniture and the sheets from the bed. Dio telepathically moved the sheets apart so Wing would enter.

"Tonight we're reading...a horror story!"

"Meep!" Dio squeaked and laughed.

As Wing situated himself, a plate of cookies appeared. Dio smiled innocently. They were fresh out of the oven. One cookie was missing; apparently they
were in someone else's hands before they teleported into the room.

Wing propped the book against others and laid flat. He shared a glance with the cat, who was perching beside him.

"It was a dark and stormy night..."


A painting for my sister Amber Bevan, of her character Wing. The boy is actually one of wisest of our characters, but he takes the persona of a happy child.
He used to be the leader of the group of 15 vigilante heroes, but he gave the responsibility to someone else and instead became the advisor of sorts. Dio,
my character, is in his feline form. He can't read too well and enjoys a good story.

Characters (C) Cara and Amber Bevan
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