Natural Sculpture
A mysterious seed pod was given to me one day - it was spiked and sharp, but durable, bendable, and driftwood like in appearance. These seed pods ended up being the dried fruit of
the Unicorn Plant, widely known as the Devil's Claw. Their sharp horn-like points spawned their intimidating name, but these naturally curved pods ended up being one of my favorite
sculpture mediums! I've created creatures large and small with these intriguing pods. Each new creation takes on a life of its own. Please view some of my unique sculptures below.

Note: Sculpting from devil claw seed pods has been discontinued until further notice.
devil claw seed pod
The Devil Claw
rearing unicorn devil claw seed pod sculpture
howling wolf devil claw seed pod sculpture
mouse and rat devil claw seed pod sculpture
phoenix devil claw seed pod sculpture
All artwork and information (C) to Cara Bevan and Art from the Heart.   
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cockatiel parrot devil claw seed pod sculpture
size, the rooster almost being two feet
tall. It took 214 seed pods to make
him, and 185 to create the hen.

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Gourd Sculpture