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Welcome to the Paintings section of my website! Here you can browse the many Galleries
dedicated to specific types of animal paintings. I also have a separate landscape gallery,
ACEO (miniature) painting gallery, and more. You can visit the
home page to see the most
recently added, and below to see the most recent prints.

There's a lot to see, so take your time and enjoy. Thank you!
Gourd Scluptures
domestic farm animal gallery
exotic wildlife animal gallery
bird gallery
spiders and insect gallery
smile eastern box turtle acrylic painting
blue raspberry jelly red and blue jellyfish acrylic painting
landscape paintings
Donated Zoo Art
Pencil and Ink
ACEOs (miniatures)
ACEO art card paintings
colored pencil artwork
My greatest passion - animals. I love them all. Cats, dogs, birds, cute and cuddly, creepy crawly. Every animal has touched my heart, they are all important and special to me.
Whether I paint them realistically in portraiture, or whimsically, it's all to share my love for animals.
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